The mission of We Are This City is to develop authentic local, national and international infrastructure for creatives. We strive for long-term, sustainable growth for the creative economy.

We Are This City has made more canvases from 500+ kids and adults put their handprints in paint on the panels that was then cut into 2x2' sections, which were then distributed to 80 local artists to make the Hands On ABQ art collection.

We Are This City has developed a strong community, through our projects, initiatives and partnerships and with the successes that our exhibitions and related professional development programs have achieved. We Are This City continues to leverage our relationships, the momentum and the support to develop something bigger within our community so that not only Albuquerque but our sister communities can grow and be proud of what we are doing and who we are as creatives. We believe that the economic and social impact of We Are This City has profound value to governments, schools, organizations, businesses, artists and to all of the communities at-large.