A Tasteful Blend of Science and Art

An emphasis on German and Belgium beers with a twist unique to New Mexico.

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Flagship Beers


Sour Raspberry

Berliner Weisse

Belgian Citrus IPA

Rotating Dialogue Brewing Taps

Our beer selection rotates based on availability, here is a sample of our most recent offerings.

Updated October 13, 2017

Berliner Weisse
Refreshing and tart German style wheat
$5 | ABV 4.3%  | IBU 5

Das Palabra
Zwickel Lager
$5 | ABV 4.2% | IBU 35

Sour Raspberry
Tart and refreshing - a great intro to sours
$6 | ABV 6.6% | IBU 10

Sour Pale
Tart with a little Huelle Mellon
$6 | ABV 4.5% | IBU 18

Imperial Session IPA
Pine, resin goodness
$5 | ABV 5.6% | IBU 60

Belgian Citrus IPA
Centennial + Columbus hops, citrus finish
$5 | ABV 7.5% | IBU 65

Sun Made
Belgian Single with golden raisins
$5 | ABV 6.2% | IBU 28

Biere de Mars
Restrained Belgian delight
  $5 | ABV 6.5% | IBU 22

Zum wohl!   
$5 | ABV 5.5% | IBU 28

 Sour Brown
$5 | ABV 5.5% | IBU 10

Dry Irish stout
Roasted malt, coffee, bone dry
$5 | ABV 4.1% | IBU 35

Past Beers

Belgian Dark strong

Deep amber in color, medium bodied with medium carbonation level. dark fruity esters accompanied by the tart cherry additions. Complex roasted malt flavor and aroma.  A decadent Belgian offering that while high in ABV, goes down incredibly smooth.

Coffee lager

Pale golden color, medium body, aroma and flavor dominated by strong Colombian bean coffee notes with a smooth finish

ABV - 4.7%
IBU - 18

centennial ipa

Deep amber color, medium bodied ale, a classic American style IPA

ABV - 7.2%
IBU - 75

Belgian Dubbel

Orange color, mouth coating body, high carbonation, Belgian ale

ABV - 8.7%
IBU - 17.6

Golden Ale

Pale golden color, medium bodied American ale.  Malt sweetness on the nose with no hop aroma.  Light bready munich malt character,  followed by a clean finish.

Malt: 2 row, munich, carapils
Hops: Hallertau mittelfrueh, hersbrucker
Yeast: American ale
Pairs best with: Barbecue meats, pepper jack cheese

ABV - 5%
IBU - 18



Lychee Wheat

Gold hazy color,  light body, with a subtle up front sweetness from the Lychee fruit followed by a pleasant earthy finish from the hops. An American wheat beer blended with Lychee and minor additions of mandarin oranges to balance.

Cream Ale

Pairs well with: salads, Wings, custard
Golden straw color, medium bodied, easy drinking pre prohibition style ale.  A true American classic, this beer is dedicated the the Brujos Rugby club

Helles Good

Pale lager, medium bodied, medium carbonation. Malt sweetness and noble hops on the nose with a clean floral finish.

Malt: pilsen, munich, carafoan
Hops: GR magnum, hersbrucker, hallertau mittelfrueh
Yeast: German lager
Pairs best with: Aged ham, swiss cheese

ABV - 6.5%
IBU - 30

Lloyd's Extra Gloves

In collaboration with Chama River Brewing Company, Lloyd’s Extra Gloves is a delightfully complex dark winter sour brewed with bitter orange peel and sour cherries. Rich mahogany in color, boosting a velour like body. Dark raisins, tobacco and orange peel on the nose. Sharp lacto-cherry tart front. Followed by a bready chocolate middle, and finally finishing with a lingering roasted cherry cordial.

ABV: 7.0%

IBU: 17