A Tasteful Blend of Science and Art

An emphasis on German and Belgium beers with a twist unique to New Mexico.

Our beer selection rotates based on availability, here is a sample of our most recent offerings.


Beers on Tap

Berliner Weisse


Pale in color with a slight cloudiness.  No hop bitterness or aroma perceived with the flavor and nose being dominated by lactic acid and minor notes of citrus.  Refreshing and tart with a very dry body.  Our own take on a traditional german classic beer.  Available either with or without “mitt schuss”  A flavor shot added to the beer to cut some of the sourness with some sweetness.  

Malt- Pilsner, wheat, acidulated
Hops- Hallertau mittelfruh
Yeast-  Ale
Pairs best with-  Ham, Pretzels, cheesecake

ABV- 4.3 %
IBU- 5

American Dark Sour

Light brown color, medium carbonation, light body experimental dark ale.

Malt - 2 row, c-60, chocolate, carafa 3
Hops: Centennial
Yeast: American ale
Pairs best with: Grilled meats, gouda cheese

ABV - 6.2%
IBU - 12

Scarlet Beh Gose

Dark red color, hazy, high carbonation, light dry body. Refreshing sour notes that finish with a light salinity due to the pink Himalayan salt.

Malt: Pilsen, wheat, red x
Hops: Hallertau Mittelfrueh
Yeast: American Ale
Pairs best with: queso fresco, spaetzle, German sausage

ABV - 4.2%
IBU - 10

When in Doubt

Black opaque color, low carbonation, light mouth coating body,  light roasted malt nose, low malt sweetness with slight notes of cocoa and coffee. Dry roasted bitter malt finish.

Malt: 2 row, chocolate, dark crystal, black prinz
Hops: Centennial
Yeast: American ale
Pairs best with: Grilled lamb, sharp cheddar, coffee cake

ABV - 4.1%
IBU - 32

Dark Helmet

Dark German lager, soft, bodied medium carbonation. Medium Noble hops to balance the light bitter chocolate malt flavors with a non cloying finish.

Malt: Pilsen, dark munich, melanoidin, chocolate, carafa 3
Hops: GR magnum, hallertau mittelfrueh
Yeast: German lager
Pairs best with: Strudels, münster cheese

ABV - 5.3%
IBU - 28


Filth Peddler

Sour American lager, light copper color with medium carbonation, clean sourness with hints of lemon flavors finishing with a crisp and malty ending
Malt: Pilsner, carapils
Hops: hallertau mittelfrueh
Yeast: lager

Pairs best with: young gruyere, cheese cake, fried snacks

ABV - 5.5%
IBU - 18

Dennis Hopper

Hoppy wheat, hazy golden color, medium carbonation.  Chewy malt character followed by flavors of lemongrass and fruit piths contributed by the hops.
ABV - 5.5%
IBU - 55

Malt: Pilsner, wheat, oats
Hops: centennial, Columbus, simcoe
Yeast: American ale

Sour Raspberry


A light golden hazy hue, high carbonation, American sour beer.

ABV - 6.6%
IBU - 9

Belgian Citrus ipa


Copper color, medium bodied ale, Slight phenolic notes that work harmoniously with the floral and citrus flavors and aromas of the hops and fruit.  An IPA with a twist of classic Belgian beer flavors, with an extra dimension of lemons, limes and oranges added to the mix to bring forth a unique refreshing IPA that will have you coming back for more. .  It all starts with an Idea, everyone has them, the difference is those who bring those ideas into the world and into fruition.

Malt- Pilsner, wheat, crystal
Hops- Czech Saaz, centennial, columbus
Yeast- Belgian Ale
Pairs best with-  Blue Cheese, spicy seafood and fried foods

ABV- 7.5 %
IBU- 65
SRM- 5    
OG- 1.069
FG- 1.013


Copper color, Medium bodied lager with a crisp finish,lighter than its european counterparts, but not adjunct laden like the American or Mexican versions of this style. Toasted malt flavor, with hallertau mittelfruh to balance little to no hop aroma, with the nose dominated by vienna malt. A light refreshing beer that your panza will thank you for.

Malt: Pilsen, Vienna , Carafa 3
Hops: GR magnum, hallertau mittelfrueh
Yeast: German lager
Pairs best with: German sausage, mild cheeses


Serving Charcuterie Boards from M'Tuccis Deli

Kitsune, our resident food truck, serves Asian-inspired tacos and more Thursday through Sunday.



Past Beers

Belgian Dark strong

Deep amber in color, medium bodied with medium carbonation level. dark fruity esters accompanied by the tart cherry additions. Complex roasted malt flavor and aroma.  A decadent Belgian offering that while high in ABV, goes down incredibly smooth.

Coffee lager

Pale golden color, medium body, aroma and flavor dominated by strong Colombian bean coffee notes with a smooth finish

ABV - 4.7%
IBU - 18

centennial ipa

Deep amber color, medium bodied ale, a classic American style IPA

ABV - 7.2%
IBU - 75

Belgian Dubbel

Orange color, mouth coating body, high carbonation, Belgian ale

ABV - 8.7%
IBU - 17.6

Golden Ale

Pale golden color, medium bodied American ale.  Malt sweetness on the nose with no hop aroma.  Light bready munich malt character,  followed by a clean finish.

Malt: 2 row, munich, carapils
Hops: Hallertau mittelfrueh, hersbrucker
Yeast: American ale
Pairs best with: Barbecue meats, pepper jack cheese

ABV - 5%
IBU - 18



Lychee Wheat

Gold hazy color,  light body, with a subtle up front sweetness from the Lychee fruit followed by a pleasant earthy finish from the hops. An American wheat beer blended with Lychee and minor additions of mandarin oranges to balance.

Cream Ale

Pairs well with: salads, Wings, custard
Golden straw color, medium bodied, easy drinking pre prohibition style ale.  A true American classic, this beer is dedicated the the Brujos Rugby club

Helles Good

Pale lager, medium bodied, medium carbonation. Malt sweetness and noble hops on the nose with a clean floral finish.

Malt: pilsen, munich, carafoan
Hops: GR magnum, hersbrucker, hallertau mittelfrueh
Yeast: German lager
Pairs best with: Aged ham, swiss cheese

ABV - 6.5%
IBU - 30

Lloyd's Extra Gloves

In collaboration with Chama River Brewing Company, Lloyd’s Extra Gloves is a delightfully complex dark winter sour brewed with bitter orange peel and sour cherries. Rich mahogany in color, boosting a velour like body. Dark raisins, tobacco and orange peel on the nose. Sharp lacto-cherry tart front. Followed by a bready chocolate middle, and finally finishing with a lingering roasted cherry cordial.

ABV: 7.0%

IBU: 17