Let’s be honest, it’s been a looooooooooong year.

And for most of us it’s not quite over yet - between holiday parties at the office, family dinners, and a Holiday Music Season Which Is Clearly Too Elongated, there’s plenty of stress to be had.

That’s why on December 15th we’d like to invite you to blow off some of that steam at an informal holiday meetup / mixer hosted by the CreativeMornings/Albuquerque organizing team and the good folks at Dialogue Brewing.

Here’s how it’ll go down:

Sometime before 6pm - Lace up those high-tops and your best ugh-ly sweaters or weird piece of apparel (we’re serious and there WILL be a prize). Then, dig up directions to Dialogue, located at 1501 1st Street NW, just north of Downtown.

6pm - Grab a beverage, some delicious food truck noms, and catch-up with your fellow creatives for an hour.

7p - We’ll be joined by a very special master of ceremonies: local stand-up comic and generally hilarious human being Royal Wood III, who will loosen everyone up and get fun, rapid fire feedback on what you’d like in next year’s speakers, topics, and activities.

7:30p - Hang out. Have fun. Do your thing.

9p - Hey, you’re on your own at this point. Remember: what happens when you’re wearing an ugly sweater…is usually photographed and shared widely.