You might have noticed something more regular and predictable about Dialogue Brewing lately – that is the fact that the taproom is playing host to more regular activity. Music, art, and more are all abound in the space these days. It has no plans of stopping, or they don’t rather – the owners Eliot and Daniel who built Dialogue with the intent of boosting Albuquerque’s art scene, have doubled down on that intent, and begun to program regularly. A component of said programming will be the regular content they host for you in blog form, that promotes and provides a platform for artists and musicians in Albuquerque. This week, before their Anniversary weekend, we bring you a profile/interview on Kira Holt, an upcoming musician who is a stand out in the Albuquerque brewery scene. See what Kira Holt has to say about growing up and growing to love music. Check her out at her upcoming Friday Night Showcase gig, and keep your eyes peeled for the rest of Dialogue’s programming, including but not limited to: Friday Night Showcase, HandCrafted, Sunday Set, and more! Cheers.


Kira Holt is a musician and performer from the small town of Los Luna, and more specifically, Tome, New Mexico. Kira has been playing the guitar since she was 9 years old and singing for as long as she can remember. She doesn’t just play the guitar though. Kira can play piano, flute, piccolo, mandolin, and ukulele.


While attending UNM, Kira decided that although she had a passion for learning and school, that her calling was in music – she chose to take a break from the books to focus on the strings and a microphone.

|Kira describes her music as indie and acoustic. She said, “My sound can be described as smooth, sultry, and unique.” Kira is a big fan of variety and likes to do her own renditions of other artists songs in various genres. Her musical influences are endless, partly because she grew up listening to a variety of music.


Her early musical influences came by way of her grandmother and mother. “They are both incredible musicians, and had been performing together and with different bands since I was little girl,” she added.


Her number one fans are her mother and grandmother. Yet, everyone in her life seemingly had an influence on her affinity for tunes. Although her father never played an instrument, he was a big impact on her interests in music and musicians- exposing Kira to the sounds of Rock performers such as Queen, The Cars, Billy Idol, and The Who.


Her father made sure she was exposed to a variety of musical genres. As an artist, Kira writes her own songs and lyrics. She’s not much of a sit down and just start writing kind of an artist, in order to write her songs, she often starts by engaging with her feelings. With the support of those around her, she continues to love and make music and plans to play a more active role in promoting and advertising her music so new people can be exposed to her work.

Kira is intent on making music as a full time career and hopes to inspire others to do the same. Check out and follow Kira, the small town girl with a big dream heart, on social media using Instagram and Facebook.

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