Travel and Leisure named Albuquerque #17 in 'America's 20 Best Cities for Beer Lovers' and we know why. We've been honored to join this supportive and fast-growing brewing community and are looking forward to the day ABQ tops that list! 

At Dialogue, we want to be able to share our homemade brews with not just customers that walk through our doors but to anyone and everyone who wants to try our unique brews! Growlers are most common way of bringing your beloved craft brews home. Growlers are reusable and provide enough volume for beer not just for yourself but to share with others.

Fighting the valiant fight against stale beers!

However, there are downsides to growlers. Growlers are oftentimes opaque, despite its brown color, allowing sunlight to penetrate the bottle. UV rays from sunlight deteriorates chemical bonds that give beer its taste. These broken bonds then form other bonds with molecules in the brew, producing an off-taste.

Have you ever tasted a stale beer? This taste is most likely due to the oxygen in the container. Molecules of various compounds in the beer interact with oxygen, forming a chemical reaction that is responsible for this taste.

Crowlers to the rescue - Beer for everyone!

Crowlers are the solution to both problems! Crowlers are 32-ounce aluminum cans that are sealed with machines that produce a tight-seam. The aluminum provides a barrier to the sun and oxygen. This type of packaging allows for the maintenance of fresh beer over a longer period of time with an added bonus of being spill-proof!

Dialogue Brewing offers both growlers and crowlers now! Visit Dialogue today and taste the difference today!

 Are you a growler user? Would you try crowlers?

Are you a growler user? Would you try crowlers?