We Invite You To Dialogue

Dialogue Brewing, through its hybrid community garden concept, endeavors to promote community interaction, catalyze creativity, serve world class beer, and provide an oasis in the urban desert of Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Daniel Gorman

Daniel Gorman

Daniel Gorman comes from a documentary film and advertising background. Prior to partnering on projects with Ian LeBlanc, and creating the Industrial Design company, Hive 73, he worked with companies like Mini-Cooper, The Gap, and BBDO. In 2008 he traveled to Cambodia to shoot a documentary film on Waste and War.

Daniel Gorman

Ian LeBlanc

The name Kitbashive is meant to describe an artistic philosophy and process inspired by sci-fi model designers and embraced by Ian LeBlanc– a quiet young man caught up in a love-hate relationship with his computer. He keeps trying to tell it what to do, but it only listens sometimes. When it does as it’s told, it makes textural mishmashes of bits and pieces that Ian harvests from the bright minds around him, and these days it prefers to do so in real time at 60 frames per second. Ian uses art to claim he is a programmer, and programming to claim he is an artist.


Eliot Salgado

In 2013, Eliot Salgado and Thomas Groff opened Cafe Adieux in downtown Albuquerque. Salgado and Groff began working together years before at the Monte Vista Fire Station. They shared a love for great food and craft beer. That passion spilled over into their first restaurant venture Adieux, creating a new experience for consumers in downtown Albuquerque.


TJ Groff

Thomas Groff was raised in across the United States before joining the US Navy, to serve his country, and to see the world. At the completion of his enlistment, Thomas started working in the service industry. He quickly fell in love with the science and art behind food and beverage. Gaining a wealth of experience and knowledge in bartending and managing, he decided to pursue his dream. In 2013 he partnered up with Eliot, to create the gastro pub Adieux.